About Us

Founded in 2022, I started Luumi from my kitchen. Hand-pouring home scents in small batches using only first rate ingredients. Our products are still crafted with the same amount of utmost care, only now from our cottage garden studio in Buckinghamshire.

As we all strive for a better world Luumi aims to deliver the highest quality, artisan products. Everything we make is free from harmful phthalates and always cruelty free. Our products are presented in white, biodegradable ceramics and filled with responsibly sourced ingredients.

We have honed our exclusive fragrances through careful development, product testing and attention to detail. We believe we have created luxury home scents that are both beautiful and authentically ethical.

I am so grateful everyday for the continued support for the brand, it is amazing to see Luumi in so many homes along with the feedback and reviews from our lovely customers. Thank you!



Founder and Executive Director Luumi Home Ltd.